How to install the Ynet's whmcs domain registrar module

PLease note that you need to have a Reseller Enabled account to use this service. Contact Ynet Interactive support team to become a reseller today.

Follow this steps to install the Ynet Interactive domaoin reseller module in your whmcs; 

1. Login to your account at Ynet interactive
2, Open the following link on same browser as your Ynet's account to download the module: You will only be able to access the link when you are logged into your reseller account.
3, Upload and Extract the downloaded ziped file to the root directory of your whmcs installation.
4. Go to Setup >> Product/Services >> Domain Registrars, scroll to » Ynet Interactive and click on the activate button
5. Supply your > Api Credientials* by clicking on configure. Then save.
6, Go to your the Domain Pricing under Setup to assign our registrar to your desired TLDs

In some cases, you may need to make some adjustments to your whois configurations in order to access some TLDs such as .ng family domains.

Domain availability check configuaration for WHMCS

Your domain availability check should be configure as follows:
Add the following as described in

        "extensions": ".ng,,,,,,,,,",
        "uri": "socket://",
        "available": "No Object Found"

Please feel free to open a support ticket if you need further assistance. We are happy to help

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